About the Company

METALMARINHA,S.A. was founded in 2005 aimed for the specialization in commercializing scrap metal. Despite being a new company,its experience has originated in the twentieth century,where it grew up from a family company earnestly on the way to the XXI century.

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In 2007 it made an important step –extending its premises,with a significant increase of space for storage,sorting,preparation and classification of waste materials. Also the administrative facilities and customer reception were reclassified and placed in new facilities to better serve you.

Our experience has enabled us to make a strong consolidation not only in the Portuguese market but also internationally. Its this experience that enables us to ensure maximum daily update of prices of sale materials.

With the pride of the awarded #1 leader in the PME program FINCRESCE,and our positive progression of Quality Assurance,it is with vigor that we are launched for a future with very precise objectives.

METALMARINHA S.A. is aimed to transaction-based business that offer immediate benefits and fast. This structure is the result of years of experience and our position in the market position obviates this statement. Our knowledge,our team,our facilities the way we understand the business,our quality of service and our projection for the future makes METALMARINHA S.A. a solid bet.

Our philosophy is clear:combine a responsible job with a seamless integration into our society and with respect for the environment. It is for these reasons that METALMARINHA S.A. works closely with other institutions and entities in order to fulfill its social function too,which goes further than just the commercial function.

We’re here for you,we are well defined,we hope to surprise you.
Count on us.