Mobile Equipment

Our industrial equipment allow to perform any type of loading and unloading:

  • Forklifts: operation essentials because they can carry several types of material..
  • Bobcat: fitted with loaders that can load various materials.
  • Spinning: these mobile devices are used in materials handling and adapt to a variety of materials,they can still work with a variety of applications.
  • Trucks: are equipped with multi-lift system in order to load / unload more easily the material in various locations.

Trucks with multi-lift containers

Our cars have containers with standard load capacity. They are equipped with Multi-Lift to be able to carry more easily the loads to the place where they go.
Likewise,they can also serve you to unload materials wherever you require.


Scissors Cutter

Mobile scissors cutter,with 1,000 tons pressure force,capable of cutting virtually any material that is necessary to reduce in size.



We provide containers for collection of waste and scrap metal. We have a fleet of trucks with the necessary means for loading and unloading of containers.